Fois Law Firm shall provide legal assistance in the various branches of law to individuals and firms.

Firms - Companies - Agreements

The Firm shall provide legal assistance and consultancy to firms and companies that are considering undertaking investments within the national territory, in order to lead the customer through the proper legal and administrative process.

We accompany the customer in every phase of the entrepreneurial process through technical advices, since the initial phase of the administrative process (providing a continuing support until its conclusion) and during the phase of the establishment of standardized contracts and agreements.

We provide a transverse assistance that involves a detailed analysis of every possible implication related to each specific case.

Fois Law Firm shall provide legal consultancy related to trade agreements, with particular regard to procurements rules and sub-contracting systems, contracts for the distribution (brand licensing, franchising, agency), concession agreements (commercial and public rents, leasing companies, financial leasing, loans) and loan agreements.

The Firm shall also provide legal advices regarding trademarks and patents issues.

The Firm shall provide appropriate form of assistance and support to legal processes that take place in Ordinary Courts and Regional Administrative (TAR).